Open-sourcing my battery-included Phoenix boilerplate!

ExPlatform goes live!

Github Checkout the ExPlatform boilerplate on GitHub

During the past year working on my saas budget app, I’ve accumulated some amount of boilerplate to create my project. I’ve chosen to open-source it all, say hello to ExPlatform! Here’s what’s included out of the box:

  • TailwindCSS with Tailwind jit
  • Phoenix auth integrated with nice Tailwind pages and transformed to support i18n
  • i18n everywhere (PRs are welcomed to add more languages)
  • Notifications with a nice animation and auto-clear
  • Auth emails are using Bamboo and proper HTML template
  • Javascripts tests with Jest (and I’ve included some built-in tests)
  • Pre-commit checks for styling & dialyzer (this boilerplate is ready for team work)
  • Github actions checking the pre-commits and the tests for each commit
  • Dependabot
  • Asdf integration, just use the .tools-versions for all your versions! It’s also what’s used in the Github actions.
  • Eslint

A few screenshots:

An image of the signup page showing a login field and a password field

The signup page

An image of the user settings page showing that you can change your email and your password

The user settings page

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