LiveView native with Flutter preview

A LiveView native client built in Flutter!

What is LiveView native?

LiveView native is a new way to build mobile apps with Phoenix LiveView in Elixir. There’s two native clients being built at the moment, one with Swift for the Apple platform (which is basically almost complete) and one in Kotlin mainly targetting Android (which is currently being built).

I wanted a client using Flutter and since nobody made any, I’m building it!

What does it look like?

Here is a sneak peek on my computer of a LiveView flutter client with a simple view:

It almost look like it’s running with a web browser!

Where is the code?

The full source code will be released as soon as it’s ready, it’s too much of an alpha state now to use it in a production environment.

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What’s missing?

Pretty much everything is missing at the moment, I need more styling, forms, live interop, hook, themes… The road ahead is pretty long. I have a lot of experience with flutter since I built a full mobile app with it (~30k lines of code) so I know where I’m going.

This is the priorities I’m working on right now:

  • Implement all LiveView events
  • All the Flutter components (only a subset are implemented in this demo)
  • Routing
  • Making the full Flutter styling API accessible
  • LiveView hooks with an embed js engine
  • Themes

Stay tuned!

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